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Our Primary Resource

The best way to begin familiarizing yourself with the work of Life Givers is to read Dr. Henry’s book After Diagnosis: LIFE.  The book is available in English and Spanish in Trade paper and can be ordered by clicking the following link: order book.  It is also available as a Mobile APP (English only) for smartphones and iPads.

Our Mobile APP

If you are able to download the APP, at the beginning and end of every chapter of the book section, begining with the Foreword through Chapter 9, you will find audios to acquaint you with the material and also share testimonies of how people have been impacted by Life Givers.  If you do not have a smartphone, you can access testimonial material  from the Testimony link on this page.

Our Newsletter

In addition to the book and the Mobile APP, we’d suggest you sign-up for our newsletter which will be going out every Wednesday.  It will share information on various topics that will give you further insight to instill Hope and help you understand how to LIVE more fully which is the overall objective of Life Givers, no matter how severe your situation may be.

Our Blog Posts

We would also suggest that you keep an eye on the Blog posts on this page.  They will deal with topics of current interest for those who are actively engaged in Life Giver activities such as reading our materials, working through questions in the book, and questions that are being sent to us from patients and caregivers alike.

Social Media

If you are a person who regularly follows social media, you can check out The Life Givers Network® page  on Face Book which will have posts from us as well as comments from readers.  You can also find Dr. Jim on LinkedIn.

Our Unique “Tribe” Page

In the coming months you may also want to check out our “Tribes” page.  This will be a group of people from all over the world who are sharing their victories, challenges, and prayer requests.