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If you are a patient that has come here because you want to find life in the midst of your health challenges or a care giver who wants to help one you love, I want to help you develop a plan that will allow you to see “new life” and have a “fresh perspective” in the midst of your struggles. I want to use my personal and professional experiences over the past 43 years to help you achieve your personal objectives.

Please write me at [email protected] , give me a brief description of how you came to this site, how the video or some other information has impacted you, what kind of help you would like to receive and what objectives you would like to accomplish. I also need you to give your contact information including best phone number to reach you on and the best days and times for you to be contacted.

I will contact you at the earliest possible time and see what arrangements we can make to provide you with some personal direction that will get you moving down the road I spoke of on the video toward a new, extra-ordinary life.

Please do keep your eye on this site and our newsletters for updated information on webinars that will provide coaching support for both patients and care givers, individual and in group.

Jim Henry