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About TLGN

The Vision of The Life Givers Network®

Our vision is to provide early, intentional, life-oriented, people focused intervention for every person diagnosed with a life-threatening, life-altering illness and their caregivers.

The Basis of The Vision

The vision for Life Givers is based on God’s Word as found in the Bible. In February of 1991, in a Doctor of Ministry class, Jim Henry was challenged with the question, “What are you doing to intentionally take healing to people?” That same night, while reading and seeking God’s direction, he came across a passage in the Old Testament book of Numbers, chapter 16, verses 46 to 48.

That same night, after hours of reading and praying, Jim decided to return to New Jersey, pray, seek the counsel of friends and family, and see how he could position himself to stand between the “plague of cancer” impacting his family and those individuals who were being impacted. More about this can be found under “About Us” — “History.” Jim opened James Henry Counseling Associates (JHCA) in January of 1992 from which The Life Givers Network® has evolved.