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Yes, It’s Happening !!


We began talking about this last year and now it is happening.  On Thursday, April 20, I’ll be starting a new group at the hospital in the John Theurer Cancer Center.  We’ll be meeting from 1pm to 230pm and in Conference Room #1.  I’ll be sharing principles from the work I’ve done the past twenty five years through JHCA and The Life Givers Network®.

This meeting is open to all persons dealing with life threatening illnesses: patients, primary support people, other care givers, medical personnel, family members, and friends who want to know how to provide help in healthy ways.

The focus of the group will be on Hope, Life, Expectation, and helping all those engaged in this process have a new perspective on how to deal with very difficult situations.

People can sign up to get information about the group by going to the block at the top of this page which says HUMC Sign Up and leave your name and email address.  You can also get updates from becoming a friend on The Life Givers Network® Face Book page.

This is a great and effectual door for Life Givers.  Your prayers are much appreciated.