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TRAPPED? Independence Day is Here NOW!

Today is the day that we here in America celebrate what so many in the world have never known – Independence & Freedom!

For those I’ve been helping for so many years, people with life threatening or life altering illnesses, and others you know in the same predicament, I want to share this word.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE TRAPPED by the “tyranny of the impossible.”  Today, July 4, 2016, can be your personal independence day.

Just this morning, while on a prayer call that I lead, two of us were sharing about men we’ve known who accomplished much while “trapped” in a body due to a horrible physical disease – ALS.  Their minds were active but their bodies would not cooperate.  Nevertheless, they accomplished some remarkable things.

Cancer, MS, heart disease, and other major illnesses can become tyrannical oppressors that keep us from fulfilling the God given purpose for which we were created.

As we enter into the 2nd half of 2016, I hope you will rejoice with us that we are beginning to celebrate 25 years of providing “early, intentional, life oriented, people focused intervention” for people with life threatening or life altering illnesses.  Sunday, July 31st, we are inviting people we know from many communities around the nation to celebrate LIFE GIVERS DAY.

LIFE GIVERS DAY is a day to recognize that God, through the ministry of The Life Givers Network®, has been helping people be free to live an abundant life no matter how severe their diagnosis or prognosis may be.  People who have been told they have weeks or months to live have found themselves living for months and years, way beyond medical expectations.

LIFE GIVERS DAY 2016 is also going to be a day for creating awareness of all the help that will be getting released in the fall of this year.  We are believing God that through the miracle of the Internet, the written and recorded materials we’ll be releasing, along with live webinars will be helping thousands to be free from how disease intimidates and traps people and keeps them from finishing their course and living out the unique calling they were created for in this life.

You can help us by sharing this blog with others you know might benefit from what is written here.  Ask those who are familiar with what we do to visit our site and sign up for our newsletter and to receive our blog which is being reformatted as I write.  God willing, the new format will be out before LIFE GIVERS DAY.

Being FREE is what this day is all about and it is why our Lord came to this earth.  THIS IS the message of Life Givers.  YOU CAN have Life and have it more abundantly.

Have a great 4th of July.  And please, share this word with someone you know is “trapped” in this life by some disease and ask them to join with us in as we share in this journey together and watch many step into their God given callings no matter what they may be dealing with in this life.