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Released-To-Live Beginning in March

We finally have a way to begin.  Yes, an older man can learn new tricks – in this case it means Jim learning new technology.  In March I’m going to begin posting videos that are a bit longer than the 2 and 3 minute pieces I have been doing.  It is my hope that the material I will share will encourage two things.

First, I hope people will be encouraged to want to become a part of our online family of those who are pursuing LIFE with all they have with other like minded people who understand how God wants to help them to fulfill the destiny He created for them.

And Secondly, I’m believing for a group of people to rise up and get behind this first group by providing sponsor-ships that will provide them with fresh motivation to pour their all into pursuit of their destiny no matter how bad things may look at the moment.

It’s really all quite simple.  Keep listening and watch with us as thousands of lives begin to get transformed.