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Life Givers is Set to Begin on April 20 at HackensackUMC

It seems like it has been so long coming and now it is happening.  One week from today I will open a new chapter in our existence as we begin a Life Giver group in the John Theurer Cancer Center at the University Medical Center.  I have known so many that have been treated there.  At time I have felt helpless to make a difference.

Now it is different.  There are so many people pulling together to help make this group a success.  There are folks from so many different departments, nurses, doctors, admin folks, the Chaplains office, and more.

We are working together for a common goal.  We want to help people live.  It is what I have been doing for 25 years.  Now I have the opportunity to take the work of 25 years and focus it like a laser into the intense hospital environment to see what kind of difference we can make.  People have called me when it seemed like there was no place left to go.  In fact, the person who had the most profound impact on what I do was a patient from HackensackUMC who had been told he had only two months to live.

I hope that those of you who are reading will follow along and watch as God unfolds the miracle before our very eyes.  Yes, even yesterday I learned a long time friend’s niece is one of the people greeting patients as they come into the cancer center.  God has His hands on every step.  Thanks for your prayers as we move forward.

And thanks for praying for all those we have contacted who know what patients are accessing this facility.  There are thousands coming here looking for help to live.  That is my business – the business of LIFE.  God help us as we begin next week.  Let us truly be people who will ROAR and SOAR !!!