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Life Givers is Alive & Active at HackensackUMC

YES, we have begun at HackensackUMC in The John Theurer Cancer Center.

On April 20 we began a new group and our next meeting is this Friday, May 5th, beginning at 1pm  We are meeting in the main conference room on the first floor of the cancer center, down the hallway just past the gift shop.  This is a huge opportunity for Life Givers and it was a good beginning.  Some of the comments from those p[resent were:

“I found safety…support, understanding, and boldness… —   I learned a new way of looking at a diagnosis — I am not a victim, I am living — the soothing message of life will immeasurably help those with a staggering diagnosis… — patients will be inspired, provided great comfort, direction, and hope — this organization is truly a gift from God to the sick.”

During our next meeting we will be discussing the immense impact that is had by the way we think.  The Bible says, “As a man thinks, so is he.”  Most people don’t realize how profound that statement is as regards our health and longevity.

If you know someone that is struggling with a life-threatening or life-altering illness, tell them about this group.  Better yet, tell them you will come with them and make the decision to come an easy one.  It can and will be a game changer.

The next meeting after this will be Friday, May 19th.  And we’ll be posting the entire schedule from now through December very shortly.  A copy of the flier with all those dates should also be up on this site by the end of the week.