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I am always amazed at how God can take a simple word and turn it into such a profound and powerful truth.

In Psalm 46:1 He said, be still and know.  How can we know?  He followed the opening statement with the remark, I will be exalted.  That is our answer.  In some way, somehow, after we have sat in silence, God will manifest Himself without us doing a thing and He WILL BE glorified.  What an incredible concept.  If we could only grasp and believe that truth.

Next Sunday, JULY 31st, we have declared to be International Life Givers Day.  Information about Life Givers and our resources has gone into 15 states, 3 foreign countries, and numerous cities this week alone.  It is my hope that by next weekend we will have reached our objective of putting materials into many more states and cities throughout this great land.

By itself, our main resource which is the book After Diagnosis: LIFE, has impacted people when they have read it alone while in the place of great need.  If every person reading this blog would get just one copy and place it in the hands of someone who is desperate to live, it holds the potential of bringing them new life.

As we move toward the last half of 2016, we are closing in on completing 25 years of service to persons with various life threatening and life altering illnesses.  Will you help us by being our heart and our hands extended by sharing the written word that can “transform the journey and change outcomes.”

If you do nothing else, share with someone today, after reading this blog, that these are the people who have a message of Extraordinary Hope leading to Extraordinary Living.

You CAN help change and transform lives.  Join us in this adventure.