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Be Still…It Is Counter Intuitive

Last Friday I wrote about Psalm 46, verse 10 which say, “Be still and know that I am God!”

These thoughts are so counter intuitive, especially for men.  We want to do, to build, to conquer, to create, and God says to us, BE STILL.  Why does He say that and why do we need to know this truth?

After more than 25 years of working with critically ill patients and understanding the struggles they face, I know the following: the majority of patients, at some point in their experience, will hear words like “there is nothing more we can do” from the medical professionals treating them.  When that happens, what is one to do?

There will be many who resign themselves to an early end to life and then there will be other who frenetically look for another solution.  We try to engage people early in their journey so they know what to do when this happens.  Here is how we say it:

When you hear those words, “there is nothing more…”  At Life Givers, we know where to turn, what to do, and how to do it.

Being able to get quiet is a major key.  Why?  Because the place people should be looking for help is from God, and He says Be Still and know because His promise is that if we do that, He will exalt Himself.

If we are able to cease from striving to solve problems, and I have to work at that too, He then takes over and does things in such a way to bring attention and Glory to Himself.  He wants people to know that He is able and willing if they would just look to Him.

Can you get quiet this next week?  Can you begin your day by taking 10 or 15 minutes in silence.  Not reading, not doing devotions, not praying, not watching or listening to some TV show or recording, but simply sitting in quiet.

Sit in His presence.  Listen.  Let Him speak.

Smart phones are great tools.  Set your alarm for 15 minutes, shut off every device that might interrupt you, close your eyes, and just LISTEN for the still small voice.

Do you need God to intervene in your life?  Do you need Him now?  Give Him the chance to speak.  Several times this week I was surprised when I sat quietly just waiting to hear.  More about that next week.  For now, take time and listen and then write and let me know what you are hearing.  God’s blessing as you wait.  Write me at  Jim