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A Conversation with Dr Jim Henry – How to Live After Diagnosis

When: Feb, 9 2018
Where: The Crossing Church , 222 Laural Avenue, Livingston, NJ

The Pastoral Care Team of The Crossing Church in Livingston will be hosting this event with the objective of helping people understand how to live after hearing a life threatening or life altering diagnosis.  Jim will be sharing personal experiences from 45 years of ministry and 27 years of specializing in working in this area of need.

Hosts for the evening are Wil Perez and Pat Corcoran and for more information you can call the church at 973-992-2828.  There will be lots of time for questions and dialogue so come prepared and we’ll do our best to address all concerns.

The meeting will be from 730pm to 930pm  and is open to the public.