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Our Mission is to Move People from a Devastating Diagnosis or Crisis to Extraordinary Living. We fully intend to provide each person we engage with, who has been diagnosed with a life threatening or life altering illness, or serious crisis, with "the opportunity" to know and experience “LIFE” to the fullest, no matter how severe their diagnosis or condition may be.

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2017 Life Givers Golf Classic - 25 Years of Service - Life Givers & JHCA

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Ballyowen Golf Resort, Hamburg, NJ

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Posted on July 24, 2016 by Jim


I am always amazed at how God can take a simple word and turn it into such a profound and powerful truth. In Psalm 46:1 He said, be still and know.  How can we know?  He followed the opening statement with the remark, I will be exalted.  That is our answer.  In some way, somehow, after we have sat in silence, God will manifest Himself without us doing a thing and He WILL BE glorified.  What an incredible concept.  If we could only grasp and believe that truth. Next Sunday, JULY 31st, we have declared to be International Life Givers   |  Read More
Posted on July 4, 2016 by Jim

TRAPPED? Independence Day is Here NOW!

Today is the day that we here in America celebrate what so many in the world have never known - Independence & Freedom! For those I've been helping for so many years, people with life threatening or life altering illnesses, and others you know in the same predicament, I want to share this word.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE TRAPPED by the "tyranny of the impossible."  Today, July 4, 2016, can be your personal independence day. Just this morning, while on a prayer call that I lead, two of us were sharing about men we've known who accomplished much   |  Read More
Posted on June 10, 2016 by Jim

Be Still...It Is Counter Intuitive

Last Friday I wrote about Psalm 46, verse 10 which say, "Be still and know that I am God!" These thoughts are so counter intuitive, especially for men.  We want to do, to build, to conquer, to create, and God says to us, BE STILL.  Why does He say that and why do we need to know this truth? After more than 25 years of working with critically ill patients and understanding the struggles they face, I know the following: the majority of patients, at some point in their experience, will hear words like "there is nothing more we can   |  Read More
Posted on June 4, 2016 by Jim

Be still...and Know

The Psalmist wrote in Psalm 46:10, " Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. "GOD wants us to know the power of His Presence". 25 years ago, while alone in an apartment on the campus of ORU in Tulsa OK, God impressed a simple truth on my heart that became the basis for the work I have been doing ever since. From chapter 16 in the book of Numbers, He showed me the incredible power that existed when Aaron took a censer with incense, symbolic   |  Read More
Posted on March 27, 2016 by Jim


Mary, the maidservant of the Lord, spoke words of great wisdom and faith: "Let it be to me according to your Word (Luke 1:38)." The word we have been sharing with people now for more than 25 years is taken from the Gospel of John, 10:9-10.  Jesus said that "The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but I am come to give you LIFE and give it to you more abundantly."  I ask you today, as Mary said, "Be it unto me...", can you say today, "Lord, let your abundant life be for me today..?" John 10:10 spells out   |  Read More